X Fest 2016 photo gallery

Another X Fest has come and gone. In the wake of last years’ cancellation, many were anxious to see if X Fest could redeem itself. In our humble opinion, the expectations were reached through the bands that played sets. Eccentric acts like July Talk and Twenty One Pilots hyped up the crowd and made the festival an excellent way for it to come back to Calgary.

Despite some uncontrollable flaws, like the Calgary weather, it was a relatively good festival (and it didn’t rain). It’s not an event in this city without food trucks, and we took full advantage. Beaver balls and poutine were our food of choice on a weekend we were so busy we couldn’t make it home to eat. Halsey and Twenty One Pilots are both favourites among younger crowds, and it means the crowd was packed tight to the front. We even knew a few people who had been standing for nearly eleven hours in the crowd waiting for TOP (pictured below).

X Fest is well known in Calgary, and this year it came back with fervor, making sure it didn’t die out after last year. We expected a lot from the festival and it delivered as much as it could. Check out our photos below!