Wrong for the holidays

If you’re a queer person, the holidays can be difficult. Often times we can’t choose the spaces we occupy, and sometimes they aren’t exactly welcoming spaces that we find ourselves in.

The Wrong Kind of Girls understand this, and through their self-described “queer feminist ukulele comedy”, they’re bringing a holiday edition of their show to Calgary. They hope this can be a place people can come and find somewhere they feel welcome and accepted.

“Holidays can be I think a really hard time for queer people in particular because of not having really great connections with our families sometimes, and so I think it’s really nice all of our concerts are really community events where you can kind of come and see people you are acquainted with or meet new people; find some connection with others who maybe share some things in common.” Easy Annie, one of the three members, says.

There’s something to be said about the difficulty of finding acts like the Wrong Kind of Girls. Creating entertainment for people like them, the queer feminists, is something that is important to the group, but anyone can laugh at their songs.

“We wanted to have a space where people could come and feel okay in that ambivalence and be in a space that’s a little bit ambivalent in a really fun, hilarious, queer and feminist way”. Shirley Payne explains.

The setlist is almost completely new, featuring a mix of parodies of popular holiday tunes to brand new songs that they’ve written for this show. Pam of Green Gaybles wrote a song about a girl getting her first period on Christmas and what that might mean. “Talking to Santa, telling him thanks for nothing!” Easy Annie jokes.

The kind of off-brand humour that the trio offers is hilarious year round, but the holiday show promises to be completely unique. Plus, the group will be accepting menstrual products for donations to the Women’s Centre of Calgary (so bring pads and tampons if you can). 

The show is tomorrow at Dutton Theatre (wheelchair accessible!) Tickets can be purchased here for $20, or $15 if you are a student. Tickets can be purchased at the door for five more dollars.