Views from Big Winter Classic

What a weekend. Between marching with friends at the Women’s March here in Calgary and going to as many possible Big Winter Classic Shows as possible, Vamp has had a busy weekend.

I’m sad that I couldn’t make it to as many Big shows as I wanted to, and I definitely had to miss some of my favourites, but I still got to experience the festival as it claims to be. It was definitely cold at times, with some artists exclaiming that they couldn’t feel their fingers, but it was also an amazing experience. You can’t really say you’ve experienced the true aura of Calgary until you stand on a patio mid-January listening to local bands play their tunes with the city’s skyline in the background (shout out to the Broken City stage).

So if you missed this cool festival, check out a few of the photos I got to take while attending, and make sure you save up money for a ticket next year. It was definitely worth it.