Vamp Tracks: The Shiverettes tour playlist

The Shiverettes are a local band of “snotty feminist punks” who recently went on tour this April. The group consists of members Hayley, Kaely, Cecilia and Steve. Hayley and Kaely are also co-founders of Femme Wave, a feminist arts and music festival that runs here in Calgary in November. Check out their bandcamp link here.

I frequently find myself in situations where a solid playlist is needed, and a playlist featuring femme musicians is the only way I’ll do it. I originally intended this playlist to be something The Shiverettes could listen to while we did our Western Canadian tour this past April, but I quickly realized that after playing punk music all night the last thing I wanted to hear once we got in the car was more punk music. So instead, I imagine this will be the soundtrack to Femme Wave as we plan our third iteration of the festival. It features a ton of music by The Coathangers, who I haven’t stopped listening to for about three straight years. Some cool post-punk bands like Priests, Shopping and Aquarian Blood, plus some more chill stuff like La Luz and Cherry Glazerr. I’ve also recently fallen into this Japanese femme punk spiral and am completely obsessed with Otoboke Beaver – they’re from Kyoto and only sing in Japanese, often using Kyoto slang. I’m now determined to get The Shiverettes over to Japan so we can play with them.