Vamp Tracks: Songs for pride

Music is many things, but more than anything, it’s a way to express yourself. Finding refuge in a song after a heartbreak or a fight with a friend is something that most of us are no stranger to. At the same time, music is what motivates us to go harder at the gym or drunkenly dance the night away. Music makes you understand love, heartbreak, anger, happiness, sadness, and any other number of other emotions and experiences.

Love, lust, and longing are all things that can be found on this playlist. Since it’s Calgary Pride, we thought it would be fitting to share some of our favourite tracks by our favorite LGBTQ+ artists. Part of pride is celebrating who we are, and these are just a few songs that help remind us to do this. If you have an artist you think should be on the list, feel free to share in the comments!

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