Vamp Tracks: Power workout

Music is an integral part of working out. For me, music can make or break a workout and ultimately decides the kind of mood I’ll be in when I tie up my running shoes.

When I put on my headphones and click play on my workout playlist at the gym, I am ready to go. These tunes pump me up, get me going, and often I’m so into my music that I forget how much pain I’m actually enduring during each exercise.

My phone died once during a run, and being forced to hear the sound of my own lungs gasping for each breathe as I pressed on was perhaps one of the worst experiences of my life. Now I make sure my phone is charged, my headphones are always in my bag, and my playlist is always fresh.

Here are 10 of my go to workout songs that are sure to get you moving:

Stronger by Britney Spears:

When I listen to this classic song, I feel like Spears is singing directly to me. She’s right there telling me that I am “stronger than yesterday” and that each rep I push through, each mile I run makes me stronger than when I stepped through the doors of the gym.

Survivor by Destiny’s Child:

There are so many Destiny’s Child songs on my workout playlist, but this one tops them all for so many reasons. I can feel the resilience of strong individuals in this song and when this song comes on, I embody the Destiny’s Child group as I feel my own strength and it pushes me to train harder.

Glamorous by Fergie:

Let me start off by saying that Fergie, and this song, makes me feel glamorous no matter what state I’m in. I could be struggling through my last set of jump lunges (my least favourite workout) or through the last mile of a run and then Fergie’s voice comes on – this song makes me feel like I’ll make it through, and it’ll all be okay.

Touch my Body by Mariah Carey:

This song is so perfect for your warm up or your cool down to either get you in the mood for your workout or to make you feel awesome about all the hard work you just put in. Have I been caught dancing to this song at the gym? Most likely…

Fighter by Christina Aguilera:

If you’ve ever doubted how strong you are or how bad ass you are, please put on this song. I swear I become Aguilera every time this song comes on; I turn the volume all the way up and my feet pound the pavement a little bit faster or my punches hit the bag a little bit heavier. This song definitely makes me “work a little bit harder”.

No Scrubs by TLC:

This is probably my favourite song, ever. I actually have to consciously restrain myself from belting it out and stopping for a nice dance break while I’m working out. That being said, this song is so great that while its on I forget about how much planking sucks because I’m busy totally rocking out instead.

Power by Little Mix:

When this album first came out, it was all I listened to for weeks on end while I worked out. This song in particular gets me pumped up like no other. The beat is fast, the song is catchy, and the song reminds me that yes, I do have the power ! The song usually goes on at the beginning of my workout, because it puts me in the best mood to kick some ass while I’m at the gym.

Crazy in Love by Beyonce:

I’m not sure I even need a reason for this to be on my playlist. I could workout for the rest of my life listening to only Beyonce and have the best workouts of my life. Beyonce motivates me because of the strong independent women she is, and you can’t listen to this classic Beyonce song and not be in a great mood.

Ain’t my Fault by Zara Larsson:

This song has the perfect beat for any kind of cardio and always gets my fired up when it comes on. When I hear the bell at the start of the song I push myself harder for that three minutes and forty-four seconds until the song is over. My legs may be running or climbing stairs, but my arms have been known to make some nice dance movements while this song is playing.

Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood:

This one is for all you fellow country lovers out there. Underwood’s anger towards men is practically tangible when you hear this song, and for me the best workouts come when I have something to be really angry about. Also if you’ve ever seen Underwood’s legs, they themselves are motivation.

These strong women never fail to make me realize how strong I also am, and help me get excited about all the workouts I do at the gym. Listening to music that you love, and music that fires you up can make all the difference when you feel like you’re dragging yourself to the gym all the time.

So before you hit the gym, take a little extra time to put some love into your workout playlist and get ready to break out a few dance moves in between sets.