Vamp Tracks: Love to cry

It’s that time of month again, friends! Vamp Tracks is back for mid-October, a time when most people have midterm exams and a disgusting amount of work on their plates. If your schedule is anything like mine, you have had at least one emotional breakdown in the past couple weeks. With lots of people close to me out of town I’m left to emotionally fend for myself. Sometimes it’s good to just let the emotion out by crying. There’s nothing wrong with that, despite what hyper-masculine societal standards try to tell us. So here’s a little playlist to help you get in the mood to just let it all out and have a good cry. Our productivity depends on it!

The playlist is mainly songs based on love, but what fosters sadness better than heartbreak? Check out some of our favourite love-centric tearjerkers.

Woe is you if you don't have Apple Music - or not, because you can check out the 8tracks version here