Tinder and I: A love story

I think at this point I should be sponsored by Tinder. The infamous app somehow finds a way into all my writing. Probably because in the last year it’s become my right-hand man.

I love Tinder but can it help me find love? Every day 26 million matches are made on the app. My stats aren’t that good, but if it’s a heavy day of swiping I don’t do too bad. As my thumb swipes left and right on profile after profile I can’t help but wonder if one of those people could be my soulmate.

When I imagine falling in love I don’t see it involving a right swipe. I see myself accidentally picking up his coffee cup at a café and laughing as he accuses me of stealing it. Or maybe while at the grocery store he asks if I’m hosting a party based on the contents of cart but I tell him “no I’m just hungry” and then he falls in love with me and my appetite.  

This new norm of finding a connection online doesn’t seem love story worthy. Maybe it’s the rom-coms that fill my Netflix suggestions, or the love stories that sit in the poetry books on my shelf. But whatever it is has made me believe that I need a love story worthy of the big screen.

If I wait for my Ali and Noah moment will I be waiting forever? What if my Noah is sitting in my back pocket…

I recently watched an interview with the co-founder of Tinder, Sean Rad. In the interview, he broke down why this dating app has successfully made 10 billion matches.

It takes away the unknown

The likelihood of me going up to someone who I’m attracted to in person directly correlates with how many drinks I’ve had. But in normal day to day life the chances are slim to none. Tinder takes that fear of rejection away. If you match with someone there is already some sort of connection. A match acts as an invitation to start a conversation. If you put yourself out there and don’t get a reply, no big deal. You have a hundred other people waiting to message after that.

It gets you out of your bubble

I think one of the best things about Tinder is that it opens you up to people you may have never been exposed to before. Tinder makes the world a little smaller and gives you the opportunity to meet people outside of your circle.

It’s convenient

Convenience is everything, and there is nothing more convenient than potential love at the tip of your fingers. Unlike other dating sites Tinder takes seconds to set up. Wherever you go, Tinder goes. What’s more convenient than that?

A Tinder love story may not be a tale I’ll be eager to tell my grandchildren, but maybe that’s modern love. Times have changed, technology has evolved and falling in love through an app is normal. Tinder may not be a Nicholas Sparks novel, but maybe that’s ok.