Tinashe Nightride review

Nightride, the first of a proposed double album from low-key vivacious R&B artist Tinashe, is nothing short of a smoky, salacious drift through the dark expanse of bass-driven sound.

Supported by “Company,” the albums first single, Nightride doesn’t necessarily push the boundaries of the genre, but rather celebrates the anti-ingenue character of Tinashe by juxtaposing her quiet but powerful voice across fifteen tracks of window-shaking pop instrumentation.

Highlights of the album include the monstrous “Party Favours,” glitchy ear-worm “C’est La Vie”, and the ethereal closer “Ghetto Boy” that wraps up this surprisingly consistent album from an artist perhaps best known for her work in the Christmas-themed box office hit The Polar Express back in 2004.

In short, Nightride may have a few structural faults, but is undoubtedly an album that cements Tinashe as a presence to keep an eye out for. Too many artists have made the crossover from film and television work to music only to spectacularly crash and burn, so here’s to hoping that her road stays clear.