The Courtneys at Broken City

The Courtneys played at Broken City last night and the room was buzzing with excitement. Two of three members are native to Calgary, and coming back to play meant the room was filled to the brim with people looking to see the returning legends.

That might be an over exaggeration, but it was an excellent show, and there was a lot of people present. The show started off with “Silver Velvet”, the first track of The Courtneys newest album, II. Their stage presence fits the album - spunky, bubblegum pop with a twist of grungy element.

The Courtney's latest album, II. Photo courtesy of Flying Nun Records. 

The Courtney's latest album, II. Photo courtesy of Flying Nun Records. 

While the room filled with bodies, the women on stage made themselves feel at home, laughing at each other and making friendly jokes about the dude manning the merchandise table, encouraging people to buy their colour record, and initiating a round of applause for all the parents that stayed up late for the show.

The show came to a close after the group’s not-so-encore. They joke that the room is so intimate that you can see their set lists, with two songs separated of from the main set. That’s the encore, and they let the crowd know to pretend that they left and came back. It instigates a few people into chanting “one more song!”

The show, like their music, was friendly, upbeat, and fun. If you have the chance to catch the Vancouver trio in any of their upcoming shows, you definitely should.