You won't believe some of the stuff I've cried over

If you know me personally, you know that I’m not one to hold back on tears. I’m not sure when I became the serial crier I am, but it’s something that many people associate with me. Nearly everything that goes wrong in my life is quickly followed by the water works.

That’s not to say that crying is bad. In fact, it’s something that I encourage everyone to do. Just this morning I had a good ugly cry while I drove home, for reasons that probably didn’t warrant an ugly cry.

My overzealous crying is rooted in my experiences as a child. I remember when my parents didn’t recognize my concerns and emotions as valid all the time, and that led me to validate them for myself - by crying.

It lets you release some of your pent up emotions and feel a bit better. While I understand that the patriarchy tells men that boys don’t cry, I also know from first hand experience how damaging it is to tell anyone that you’re weak just because you shed some tears.

I would consider myself a strong and independent person, and identify strongly with the “business bitch” persona, a la The Office. That doesn’t mean I don’t have emotions, feelings, and that I don’t hurt sometimes.

So to give you a little taste of what this means to me, here is a comprehensive (but not limited) list of all valid and sometimes ridiculous things I have cried about.

  1. I got a bad grade on something I worked hard on.

  2. I felt like my friends weren’t supporting me like I wanted them to.

  3. A friend didn’t text me back in an “appropriate” amount of time.

  4. I was cranky.

  5. I was tired.

  6. The Notebook.

  7. Other romantic dramas.

  8. Romantic comedies.

  9. Movies that have sad plotlines and happy endings.

  10. Movie endings in general.

  11. Age of Adaline - I sat in the theatre after the movie for ten minutes bawling.

  12. Movies that aren’t sad but have dogs in them.

  13. Once because I was tired and listening to Same Love by Macklemore and I cried at the Mary Lambert verse.

  14. I was drunk and my girlfriend wouldn’t kiss me because I had Dorito breath.

  15. Literally anytime I am drunk.

  16. Whenever someone snaps at me.

  17. There was no food for me to eat in the house.

  18. I felt like “I’m not appreciated enough.”

  19. Right before bed if I’m really tired and even one tiny inconvenient thing happened that day.

  20. Wistfully nostalgic music that makes me think about life.

  21. Couldn’t find my brother for five minutes and I thought I lost him.

  22. I was overwhelmed with school.

  23. I couldn’t find my favourite chapstick and I thought I lost it.

  24. I had a headache.

And I have cried over a lot more. It might not always be rational, but when things build up and the weight of everything begins to get to me, it’s nice to just let it all out. Considering what I’ve cried over, you can use me as an example next time someone tells you that you’re weak for crying. Don’t be afraid to let out your emotions once in a while, or if you’re like me, every single day over everything that happens to you.