Study tips to make this exam period bearable

Exam season is stressful, especially when you can’t find any motivation to study. I’ve compiled some study tips to help you get through to the end of your exams.

  1. Make a calendar. Having your exam schedule laid out in a calendar will help you keep track of how many days you have left to study for an exam. By adding in days you work and other plans, you can see how much you will realistically be able to get done on each day.

  2. Make lists. Though laying out everything you have to get done can be daunting, it keeps you focused and gives you tangible tasks to complete. Having a to-do list for each exam will really help. Try breaking down each course into sections or by lesson and have everything you need to complete for those written out. Physically checking these off really helps me, so try writing them on paper or even getting a to-do list app on your phone.

  3. Break it up. There are numerous study methods that you can use. For example, a 50/10 study session will break up each hour of your study into fifty minutes of studying with a ten minute break. However, this method does not work for everyone. Some focus better in smaller bursts, so you could also try studying for thirty minutes and taking a five minute break. As well, try keeping the study intervals interesting by switching between cue cards, taking notes from lectures, creating mind maps and watching videos if that helps you!

  4. Keep hydrated. Your brain depends on water to function properly. So make sure you are drinking enough water! You will be able to remember things more clearly and will also feel more alert.

  5. Noise. While some people prefer studying in silence, some prefer ambient sound or music. Personally, I focus exponentially better when I have music playing. Try listening to different types of music to find what works best for you. Personally, instrumental music helps me focus the most.

  6. Snacks. Make sure you have a few healthy snacks nearby. Whenever I get hungry my concentration plummets and I find that I cannot remember things as clearly. Make sure you’re eating regularly and eating well.

  7. Revise again! Make sure you look at the same material more than once. This will help to solidify your knowledge and ensure that you are retaining as much information as possible.

  8. Take notes. By condensing your notes into the most important information you will be way more likely to remember it and it will be less daunting to review over the course of a few days.

  9. Try to relax! If you are stressed while studying, chances are you won’t remember everything you need to for the exam. Try to be calm and just study the best you can, and remember, one test won’t make or break your degree!

I hope this list helped motivate you to study or gave you some good tips for your study sessions over the next few weeks. Best of luck on all your exams!