Safe sex doesn't have to mean bad sex

This post was sponsored by Lelo.  

Does anyone really enjoy talking about safe sex? No, not really. I mean it’s definitely not a common dinner time conversation to share with your family. “How about those STIs, am I right?” Definitely not something to share over your mom’s meatloaf. But the conversation about STIs is one that needs to happen, and it needs to happen from a young age.

In high school I remember being told to use a condom to prevent pregnancy. The fact that they protect from STIs was just a side note. But the reality is that one in every four people will contract an STI in their lifetime. In the US 19 million people contract an STI each year. With statistics like that we can’t afford to not have the talk.

Many people who have STIs don’t show symptoms. That means that the person you picked up from the bar who smells good, and looks even better could possibly be carrying an STI without even knowing it. Don’t treat your sex life like a blackjack table. Don’t risk it. Use a condom and sleep easy knowing your body is STI free.

There are many reasons condoms aren’t being used. When trying to prevent pregnancy, some believe that if one is on the pill a condom isn’t necessary. This is a myth that needs to be addressed. Birth control pills are not 100 percent effective and they do not protect from STIs. Using a condom will give you extra reassurance that you don’t accidentally become a parent or leave the bedroom with a new infectious friend.

If you’re going to bed with someone who claims they can’t wear a condom because it won’t fit, honey they’re playin. You can literally fit a condom over your foot and up your calf. If they’re bigger than that, kick them out because nothing about that is going to feel good.

Another reason that many don’t use condoms is because it’s “not cool.” Do you know what else isn’t cool? Syphilis, gonorrhea or herpes. None of those are cool. The simple step of putting a condom on before sex will protect you and your partner from a potentially very awkward and uncomfortable situation. Being STI free is cool.

Maybe the biggest reason of all for not wearing a condom is discomfort. Many claim that condoms are uncomfortable and make sex less enjoyable than when they go condom free. They can cause irritation down under. At the first sign of chaffing down there, you’re pretty much closed for business for the night. If this is the case for you and your partner, I would suggest trying a different brand of condoms.

LELO sent us some of their LELO Hex condoms. These condoms are inspired by graphene, the thinnest strongest structure known to science. They are ultra-thin, almost undetectable. And they smell like brownies. I don’t know if it’s on purpose but I don’t hate it. These condoms come lubricated to protect from chaffing and maximize pleasure for you and your partner.  

The condom is covered in honeycomb shapes. This is not just for looks. LELO uses these shapes because they’re natures go-to shape for strength and lightness. You can see for yourself just how durable these condoms are by clicking here. LELO compares how Hex performs against the markets leading brand.

With a condom like LELO Hex on the market there is no excuse for you and your partner to not practise safe sex. Safe sex does not have to mean boring sex. LELO Hex will allow you and your partner to both enjoy your time in the bedroom while knowing you are protected from those pesky STIs.