Move over Hollywood: Films on Women's Rights

This article started off as a review for a new documentary called “All this Panic” directed by Jenny Gage. As I eagerly tried to find a link to watch the film I stumbled upon Women’s Voices Now, a site that aims to advocate women’s rights through film. I had hoped to perhaps find “All this Panic” on the page as all my other attempts had been futile, but what I found was even more powerful.

I went through the entire website, carefully scouring through the many short films trying to find the ones that had the biggest impact on me, and made a list of shorts that hit home.

Why Can’t You See Me?

“She chose to show the world she’s not a victim.” An experimental film with a poetic narration which explores what it is to be a woman. If you like poetry or more Avant-garde photography I recommend you check this short out. It challenges you to think about how you see and speak of other women, and also challenges women to see their beauty.

Feminin Masculin

“There’s no difference in a cemetery so why should there be in a bus?” This short documentary about a woman bus driver in Iran really opens up the discussion for women’s rights all around the world. It is part of a series of films made by and about Muslim women and their struggles. This woman stands up for herself, which is an extremely powerful image - an Arabic woman in Iran standing up and telling a man to fuck himself. It’s truly a good 10 minutes of your life spent seeing how women exist in other countries, and how feminism is different in other parts of the world.


A poem recited by a few women, showing statistics of everyday sexism. Filmed with documentary style shots, it’s a short that focuses on the words being spoken. Some of the statistics are from the UK, since the film was made there, however we can all relate to some of the topics that are brought up. The short brings up things like being called a slut, a bitch for speaking your mind, or being told to smile by a random man.

All This Panic

It would be unwise to leave this article without touching on the movie that inspired it. As mentioned before I couldn’t find the actual movie anywhere online, however the trailer is widely accessible. If you have the chance to see the full movie I would highly encourage it. This movie is about girls and how our relationships, be it platonic or sexual, work and evolve, and how we as young women evolve. Using more experimental shots and a fluid narrative, the movie explores the lives of young women for 3 years to show real life without any filters.

Above are only a few examples of films about women’s rights on the site, and I strongly encourage you to check it out. There’s something there in every genre of film and for every woman (and man hopefully). As a movie geek myself, I find it heartening that women’s voices are being heard more and more through film, in a pure beautiful way. So move over Hollywood, women's voices are about to be heard. 

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