LGBTQ+ artists to know

Diversity is an important part of everything you do and it’s something you should strive for when listening to music. Not to shit on anyone in particular, but doesn’t your music library already have enough white dude indie bands?

Jokes aside, it’s not important to find queer artists just because of their sexuality or identity, but because they have different perspectives on the world that they can offer. It’s pretty cool what others have to say about their worldview, and who knows? You might just learn a thing or two.

Here’s some artists to add to your playlists who identify under the LGBTQ+ umbrella.

Jay Som

Melina Duterte is the talented lady behind the musical project Jay Som. Her dream-pop, lo-fi sound lets you into her life, especially on her latest album, Everybody Works. Duterte has a distinct voice that anyone can enjoy.


This duo has a garage punk sound happening, and you won’t be able to stop listening once you start. Musicians Live Bruce and Ben Hopkins explain the name as a term of empowerment, referring to what their name stands for, “power bottom.”


This band’s synth-pop tunes will have you jumping around with the beat, or quietly contemplating Katie Stelmanis’ soft voice on Austra’s latest album, Future Politics. The album examines an uncertain future through music about politics.

Adult Mom

A few acts on this list could be identified as “queercore” but Adult Mom fits into the genre well. There is no situation in which adding feminist punk to your playlist will make it worse, so make sure to check out Adult Mom.


Shamir Bailey is an extremely talented musician who produces the kind of electronic upbeat music that you won’t be able to stop bopping to. They’ve opened for well known acts like Marina and the Diamonds and Troye Sivan on tour over the past couple years.