How to take awesome iPhone photographs

It can be difficult to take high quality photos on your iPhone, and lugging around a huge DSLR camera can get very annoying, very quickly. I have compiled a few of my favorite tips for getting the best photo you can from your iPhone camera.


  1. Natural lighting. Natural light can be one of the easiest ways to get amazing photos. However, there is a slight learning curve when it comes to getting used to different levels of natural light. Generally speaking, overcast days are good for taking portraits outdoors since the sun won’t cast shadows on your subject’s face. Utilize shadows when you can and experiment!
  2. Shoot in HDR. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This option is directly on your camera and when turned on, takes three photos with different exposures and puts them together. This is so neither the light or dark parts of the photo over or under expose the photograph.
  3. Try manual camera Apps. Paid apps such as Obscura Camera, Manual, ProShot, Hydra, and Slow Shutter Cam offer great options if you would like to experiment more with manual iPhone shooting. An excellent option for those who do not want to spend money right off the bat would be trying VSCO Cam. What is often overlooked is that the app features manual camera options, not just photo filters and editing options. When taking photos on VSCO Cam, you can adjust controls for focus, shutter speed, white balance and exposure compensation.
  4. Be still. This one sounds obvious, but it’s extremely important. Try resting your elbows on a hard surface while you snap the photo to avoid it from getting blurry. Even the smallest movements or slightly shaky hands can make a huge difference on the final product.
  5. Show depth. This will make your photos more interesting and will give the viewer’s eyes adirection to go. By following the basic photography rule of having something in the foreground, something in the middleground, and something in the background, your photos will automatically have more depth. As well, experiment with lines that lead toward the distance such as the painted lines on a road.
  6. Simplicity. Sometimes, the simplest photos are the most visually appealing. When a photograph is too crowded, it tends to lack focus and (depending on the photo) may look less sophisticated and professional.
  7. Utilize the grid. This is a simple way to keep your photos level, make sure that the horizon and lines in the photo are straight. As well, it’s easy to visualize the rule of thirds when in grid mode.
  8. Shoot in burst mode. Action shots can be hard to shoot, especially on your phone. By using burst mode you able to take ten photos in just one second and choose which you like best. These action shots are also less likely to be blurry than if you were to use the single shot mode on your camera.  

I hope that these tips were useful for you and that you learned something new. Be sure to try these tips out and send us the photos that you are proud of!