I started boxing and now I can probably kick your ass

At a small 5’1’’ I can tell you that I don’t always feel powerful. I often am the arm rest for my taller friends, and my legs have to work double time to keep up with everyones long strides. That being said, my small stature is often demeaned to meaning I have little power and force, and I’m getting tired of it. 

This is where boxing came into the picture, a way for me to harness some of my strength and prove that my lack in height didn’t mean I wasn’t a tough boss babe. After all, it’s hard not to feel like you can kick some ass when you do up your boxing gloves (even if its your first time). 

So I expressed some interest to my trainer who had a background in boxing and thats where it all started. We started hitting pads once a week while I started to pick up the basics; jab, cross, hook, uppercut - you know the deal. I gotta admit, even though my punches were pretty clumsy and lacking some serious technique in the beginning - it still felt pretty amazing when my fist collided with the pad with a hard SMACK. I was hooked from the first punch.

After a few sessions, things were starting to come together. My punches were hitting straight, my hands stopped dropping, and my stance was incredibly solid. Honestly, I felt pretty ready to be thrown into the ring. 

It was around this time that boxing studios started hitting the market in Calgary, and you can believe I was ready to show off my newfound skills in a more public setting. These classes were like going to a night club while getting a killer workout which if you know me at all, you’d know I was so into. 

So I started throwing these classes into my routine too. The lights would be flashing, the music bumping, punches being throw, and the sweat literally dripping off in buckets (disgusting but very gratifying all the same). If I wasn’t already obsessed with boxing before, the adrenaline and fire I got from these classes definitely helped me get there. 

There are so many reasons that I’m glad that boxing came into my life, and it’s not just because my upper body is getting totally ripped. 

I of course love the killer workout I’m getting, and I love even more how much fun I’m having doing it. It’s a great way to switch up my regular workout routine with a high intensity cardio training a few times a week. The technique also challenges me mentally to keep my head in the workout - so has proved a great way to truly get me in the moment when I workout. 

But for me, boxing has been great for my confidence. I never really questioned my strength before- but hearing others diminish my small stature to mean weakness got to me. Now I feel strong, I feel powerful, and I feel like I can take on the world. Throwing a super solid hook and hearing it collide with the bag proves to me that I can take on anything I want to (yeah try telling me I’m short one more time!). 

Having an extra sense of strength also has made me feel safer. When I’m walking alone or late at night I’m less worried because I’m pretty sure I could throw a semi-damaging drop kick to anyone who comes at me. Honestly this probably isn’t reality and if a large man came running towards me I’d probably have little chance - but in my mind I can totally take him and that’s what matters. 

If you’re looking for something new to add to your workout routine or want to gain a little bit more love for yourself I suggest checking out a boxing class somewhere in your city because I promise you won’t regret it.