I sold my used underwear to strangers on the internet

The idea to sell my underwear to strangers came from season three of Orange is the New Black. That, and the desire to make a little money with as little effort as possible. I soon realized there really isn’t a downside to selling your underwear online. If you’ve seen season three, you might remember Piper’s panty selling escapades; this storyline coincidentally sent the panty selling market into a spike after it’s premiere. Selling your underwear online appears to be an easy way to make extra cash and if you’re willing to overlook certain aspects of it, it doesn’t even seem that creepy.

You’d be surprised how many different websites let you sell your “panties” online. Of all the options, the simplest choice for me seemed to be Reddit. Starting out, I felt like a young business woman. I was a young entrepreneur making my first investment. I had dreams of being written about in Time Magazine: ‘How This Woman Created Her Empire by Selling Her Used Underwear’. Even though I talked a big game I was still nervous, this was after all, selling my unmentionables to random strangers on the internet. After being put through the verification process I posted my first ad. Almost immediately I got a response:

“Do you have a friend to sell played in panties with you? I’d love a package deal.”

I had no idea what to do next. With what I know now, I would have never put as much time into this buyer as I did. I agreed to set up a kik account to give this man more information and for a while he seemed like a decent guy.

Quickly things started to feel wrong. I was told repeatedly to slow down and to “hold my horses.” He didn’t want to talk about price and asked for multiple photos as verification that myself and my friend were real. I’ve learned now that most committed buyers don’t ask for more pictures than the ones you’ve already posted, and if they do they should be willing to pay. Asking for extra photos should have been a red flag and he was very demanding and impatient. During the time I spent talking to him he slowly became more and more hostile. 

I slowly stopped talking to this user and wondered if all interactions would be like this. Only an hour or so passed until another message came in:

“Hey do you accept PayPal? And if so, how much. Just let me know what you prefer…I’m ready to buy.”

The whole interaction lasted less than five minutes. Then the first $25 came into my Paypal and I felt ecstatic. This customer was not only polite, but quick and to the point. All users that I have had successful interactions with have followed the format of: “Hi, how are you, how much are your underwear, what’s your paypal?” My average successful interaction lasts under 10 minutes if we’re both online at the same time.

When selling your underwear online you’re basically posting a photo of your ass on the Internet and hoping for the best. But for every odd interaction I’ve had (one man offered me $15 to produce a scat film for him – needless to say that did not happen) so far there was another person who wanted me to feel safe and comfortable. One user referred to me strictly as “miss” or “ma’am”. All he wanted to do was make me feel okay with giving him “the honour of sniffing my panties”.

After the transaction is finished I try not to think about the buyer. I would probably be emotionally traumatized wondering what was going on with my underwear. Thankfully, I’m able to push these thoughts out of my mind. If you are comfortable selling your used underwear to a random stranger over the internet and sending your panties through the national post. Hopefully you’ll just never think about that pair of underwear again.

Once a customer made the mistake of giving me his full first and last name. Anxiously, I debated looking him up online, my curiosity eventually got the best of me and the next day I logged into Facebook to see if I could find him. I typed in his name and location and sure enough, I was greeted by his profile picture staring back at me.

There were two people in his profile photo so I still can’t be sure which of the two was him, but they looked like average guys. Both men in the picture were decently attractive, and fairly young. They looked to be only in their mid to late twenties. When I typed in his name I was expecting to see some gross, older man – the kind of guy you would see on an episode of Criminal Minds. But instead I was greeted by a guy that looked perfectly average. It was bizarre for me to think that in a few days he would be taking my underwear out of his mailbox but, that was exactly what was going to happen.

Unfortunately, it’s not all easy money, there are a lot of people who want to waste your time or rip you off. I’ve been offered amazon gift cards in exchange for nudes and have woken up the next morning to find an empty inbox and that users have deleted their Reddit accounts.

If there is one piece of advice I would offer to people looking to sell their underwear online: don’t put up with customers who make you feel uncomfortable. There will always be more fish in the pantie selling sea.

I had been selling my underwear online off and on for almost a month when this piece was written and sometimes it got boring, just like any other job. Mostly, you have regular customer interactions with the occasional odd one and some days you are really just too tired to pose and post your ass pics online. I’ve made good money but sometimes it’s emotionally exhausting to try and market yourself to strangers. Sometimes, it’s not worth the time or emotional drain of putting yourself up for sale.

There’s a good chance that someone you go to school with, someone you work with or someone you’ve merely passed on the street is buying underwear online. There could just as easily be someone you know on the third day of wearing their underwear only to later send them across Canada for forty dollars. You never know.


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