Home is where the Lysol wipes are

Turn back the clock four years and you would find 16-year-old Shelby laying in her unmade bed, with a mixture of dirty dishes and clothes surrounding her, listening to rap music, and texting her friends “no one gets me”.

Oh, times have changed. I still lay in bed listening to rap music texting my friends. But now that bed is made and the sheets are clean. My clothes are hung up in my closet in a color-coded order. My dishes in the dishwasher. And my texts usually read “anyone down for Margarita Monday?”.

When I moved out on my own reality didn’t take long to catch up. No one was there to vacuum for me, laundry didn’t do itself, and no matter how hard I tried my crockpot did not fit in my dishwasher and I had to wash that thing by hand.

I’ve been on my own for a few years now and the amount of joy I find coming home to a clean apartment everyday cannot be put into words. I take pride in living on my own. I have this tiny little space that is all mine. I want my guests to come over and feel welcome and comfortable. I want to be able to walk in after a long day and see a clean kitchen and smell recently washed floors. This girl who used to cuddle with Dorito crumbs at night has done a complete 180°.

With the help of nagging from my mother, late night Pinterest scrolling, and trial and error here are my top 5 housekeeping tips:

1.     Respect your bed

Your bed supports you every night, so show it some love. Every morning when you wake up make your bed. You probably remember your mother yelling at you to make your bed growing up but she was onto something. Every morning when I wake up, even if I’m running late, I must make my bed. It starts your day on the right foot and makes your room look clean and put together, even if it’s not. Plus, after a long day there’s nothing better than coming home to a made bed that’s calling your name.

2.     There’s no sleep for the dirty kitchen keepers

If I go to bed with a dirty kitchen there is a 0 percent chance that I will be sleeping. Waking up in the morning to a clean counter top and no dishes in the sink makes those godawful AM hours bearable. Set yourself up to have a good morning and clean your kitchen.

3.     I’m deserted on an island, what’s the one thing I bring? Lysol wipes

Lysol wipes are sent straight from the heavens. I would go to Costco on a Saturday afternoon and stand in a 2-hour lineup just to get these bad boys. Why do I love them so much? They make cleaning fast and convenient all while killing bacteria and leaving your home smelling fresh. I use these wipes every day in every room of my home. What’s that perfume I’m wearing? Oh, it’s just Lysol wipes.

4.     Lazy girl, clean house

Just because I enjoy having a clean home doesn’t mean I enjoy cleaning my home. I don’t have time to mop my floors or scrub my toilets every week. That’s why Swiffers and stick on toilet bowl cleaners were invented. There are countless cleaning products made to make our lives easier. It’s the everyday messes that add up and make your home dirty. If you can stay on top of your daily chores with fast and easy cleaning tools your home will always feel fresh.  

5.     Bundle up and save

Just like your phone company, cleaning works the same way. Put aside one day of the month to do all your big cleaning projects and you’ll save on time and sanity. One Sunday a month I will allocate to cleaning windows, washing shower curtains and rugs, cleaning out closets, drawers and cupboards, and just deep cleaning my entire apartment. It’s a lot of work but I put on my favorite music and spend the day cleaning my little heart out. Your home will be sparkling and your daily chores will be a breeze with the bulk of the cleaning already done.

If you were to tell me four years ago that I would have a habit of making my bed every morning and buying Lysol wipes in bulk I would’ve laughed and then texted my friends “no one gets me”. But now I swear by these housekeeping tips. I truly believe that every aspect of your life improves when you live in a clean kept environment. Give it a try.