Health goals for 2017

2017 is here and as we make our way through January it’s easy to abandon those goals that were made at the start of the month. When it comes to health, New Years resolutions can be hard to stick to because people often try to make unrealistic and drastic changes.

Being healthy isn’t about changing to a lifestyle that means living at the gym and eating only fruits and veggies. Small changes can help your body out in big ways. So start crushing those 2017 goals by making changes you can stick to!

Drink More Water

How often do we forget to stay hydrated? Sure, on a hot sunny day you may feel more inclined to down a few more glasses, and after a good sweat sesh you might be feeling a little more thirsty; but in our day to day lives are we really drinking enough water?

Maybe in 2017 say no to all of the pop, the juice, all of the energy drinks and coffee, and opt for water. Keep a water bottle with you all the time. I mean all. The. Time. You won’t realize how much water you drink when you have it readily available to you, and having it on hand makes it convenient to drink.

So go buy yourself a pretty new water bottle and make it, and the H20 that goes inside of it, your new best friend this year.

Take the stairs when you can:

Elevators and escalators are some of the greatest inventions, and really, who am I to say any different? I’m not here to diss the magical moving stairs but to say that sometimes it’s okay to take the stairs.

Opting for the stairs, though it seems like an inconvenience, is sometimes even faster and you can give yourself a little pat on the back for doing something good for yourself.

Before you know it, you’ll even be parking in the farthest away stall at the mall just to get in those extra steps on your Fitbit.

Strive for your personal best:

When you go to the gym, (especially this time of year) it is no doubt going to be busy. Bustling with people pumping iron, and in the rush to get fit as the New Year has hit, it’s easy to get competitive with those you know, and those you don’t.

So I urge you to absolutely work hard, and push yourself to go farther than you ever thought you could go. But I also ask that your biggest competition be yourself – that you’re not trying to chest press fifty pounds just because you saw someone do it when you were at the gym the day before.

Strive to be your best, and the results will follow without a doubt.

Make your workouts more fun:

Working out shouldn’t be just about hitting the gym, and hitting it hard. When you’re getting active this year, focus on enjoying your workouts because it’ll keep you motivated to want to keep getting your sweat on.

The best way to keep things interesting at the gym, or wherever you workout, is to switch things up. Instead of hitting the weight rack every time you’re at the gym, try a spin class, go for a run, check out a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class, or drop in on some yoga – whatever gets you excited and gets you sweating it out.

Switch things up, have a little bit more fun, and you’re body and mind will without a doubt show you some love for it.

Pay Attention to what you’re fuelling your body with:

It’s hard to go into the New Year with the goal to be healthier and eat better. Often this involves people cutting out huge portions of their diets which is intense and doesn’t always work. It’s best to be mindful of, and pay attention to what you’re actually putting into your body – sometimes you’ll be shocked.

We could all eat a little better, true. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve a chocolate bar or a piece of cake every now and again – in moderation of course. Fuel your body with what it needs, and not what a diet or some health craze tells you it needs.

Maybe eat a salad or some more chicken, maybe blend up a smoothie and grab an apple on your way out the door, and maybe treat yourself to that occasional bowl of ice-cream at the end of a hard day.

2017 is going to be your year. I know it. You know it. So make this year count, make the most of the rest of the days ahead of you, but don’t beat yourself up for the ones that won’t go your way.

Stay hydrated, get moving, shake things up, try something new, and get goal crushing!