Was Ghostbusters worth the controversy?

Written by Kennedy Enns and Amber McLinden. 

To start, the Ghostbusters remake deserved none of the hate it was given prematurely. We’ll be the first to admit that we were not originally excited to see and couldn’t care less about the reboot. We too are tired of film studios simply taking something from our childhoods and pumping out a paint by numbers reboot as a cash grab. But, after we saw the river of male tears on the internet over it, we were at least intrigued.

When the trailer for Ghostbusters was released we were nervous that the CGI effects on the ghosts would be tacky and the huge amount of dislikes it received was worrisome. As more information was released and after hearing the new theme song, which almost made our ears bleed, we were simply afraid that this film was going to live up the hate it was given before anyone had even seen it. 

But in our opinion, a gender-swapped Ghostbusters is the best version of Ghostbusters, regardless of what the man babies might say. Critics agree, and the remake is even certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Really, in this age of reboots Ghostbusters was bound to be remade eventually, and we’re just lucky we didn’t get a Seth Rogen, James Franco remake with them yelling that “slimer just came on me bro!”. Most movies that get a reboot pale in comparison to the original, but the new Ghostbusters managed to stay faithful to the original movie without being repetitive.

It seems any movie that is composed of mainly women finds itself under the often harsh critique that is put onto “feminist” film. Bitch Media explains that not all female-lead movies need to be all encompassing in terms of feminist representation. Just because Ghostbusters has an all female lead cast doesn’t mean it has to be a feminist masterpiece - and that was never it’s goal. Sometimes a movie about busting ghosts is just that. The real power of this remake is that by allowing women to step into the jumpsuit that was previously worn by men, it showed new fans that anyone can take on the mantle of Ghostbuster.