Gaycation returns for a strong second season

Season one of Viceland’s hit show Gaycation took viewers on a cross-continental journey with hosts Ellen Page and Ian Daniel exploring LGBTQ culture and communities across the world.

The show travelled everywhere from Japan, to Jamaica and to Brazil, with the four episode series wrapping up in the United States. Gaycation has started season two back in the United States and will end there as well, with the final episode focusing on the “deep south”.

So far in season two audiences have also visited both Ukraine and India. Learning from personal experiences of LGBTQ people in each country through interviews and profiles conducted by both Page and Daniel. Particularly moving scenes like the commitment ceremony in Ukraine and the stories of closeted lesbians in India have shown it is still frighteningly unsafe for people to be who they are. For many the show can be a difficult reminder that it is still an act of bravery to simply exist.

The series has been filled with moments like this. Such as the meeting with a horrendously hateful and homophobic ex-cop in Brazil. Who during his interview, openly admits to murdering LGBT persons on camera. As well as the moving tribute to Orlando which I’m sure had almost anyone who watched it in tears.

But while the show demonstrates the harsh realities of being LGBTQ around the world, it also gives many previously unheard voices a platform to tell their stores. Letting many people take control of their own narrative and see themselves accurately portrayed in media.

Both funny and heartbreaking Gaycation has managed to create a beautiful series that shows the hard truth about living some of the most homophobic countries in the world. While still leaving viewers with a sense of hope about the progress being made.

The final episode of the season two comes out September 21st and can be watched online at