Femme Wave’s Sunday programming focuses on accessible education

As October turns to November and our midterm stresses finally pass, what we’re most looking forward to at Vamp is November’s Femme Wave music festival.  

This year, Femme Wave’s final day will include a vast array of different all ages workshops on topics ranging from swordplay to hip-hop songwriting to astrology. Femme Wave is also partnering with Not Enough Fest’s Edmonton Chapter for noise and scream music workshops.

Not Enough Fest Edmonton is “an initiative that brings together women, queer and trans artists to collaborate, make noise and take up space.” Another part of Sunday’s programming is a town hall-style informational session on the upcoming Calgary chapter of Not Enough Fest.

“NEF is an important and needed platform for a community often overlooked, under-estimated, and unwelcome at other venues,” says Bree Gardner, lead organizer of the upcoming Calgary chapter of Not Enough Fest. “Above all, it’s a way to celebrate the identity and unique experience that is queer and trans art, without the rampant misconceptions that we battle in more mainstream spaces. It’s had wide success in various other art centers across North America, and I think Calgary is ready for us to challenge the city to be more excited for the wild world that is inclusive music.”

Other workshops include a session on Fingerweaving and Indigenous Holistic Medicine by Kalyn Kodiak and Calgary’s Society for the Advocacy of Safer Spaces will also be hosting a panel discussion on Cultural Appropriation.

“It’s really important to us as community members and organizers to provide a little extra when it comes to events and really encourage young folks to participate,” says Kaely Cormack, co-founder and co-artistic director of Femme Wave. “We’re so happy to have these workshops this year that will really encourage everyone to come and learn and participate and hopefully take those skills and start something amazing.”

All Sunday programming will be all-ages on a pay what you can basis and those with financial restrictions will not be turned away.

Schedules, information, tickets, and wristbands can all be found at  femmewave.com.