A queer tale: Fairy Tales Film Festival

For the last 19 years there has been a film festival annually in Calgary celebrating the LGBTQA+ community and their stories. Running from May 19th-27th, Fairy Tales Film Festival offers many wonderful events and films to enjoy. If you’re overwhelmed with film options, you can purchase a full festival pass for just $100 and choose as you please. If you’re like me and need some help deciding what to go to, here’s a handy list of some of the cool movies and events you can check out.

Kings, Queens, and In-Betweens

A documentary directed by Gabrielle Burton is being shown at Dickens Pub on Thursday May 19th at 7pm. Focusing on drag queens, kings and transgender performers in Ohio, it shows the intricacies of their lives, dealing with issues of discrimination and politics. However, it has a humorous approach, and the film will be followed by a drag show from the Fake Mustache Drag King Troupe.

Mamma Mia

The smash hit featuring ABBA songs will be shown as a sing-along on Monday May 22nd at 7pm in the Plaza Theatre. The screening is a family friendly event made in collaboration with the Men’s Chorus. The musical will be preceded by a short called The Wedding Patrol. In this short, Mikail lives with his husband in Berlin, but is accused of faking being gay for a green card when he is seen kissing a woman.

Girl on Girl

This documentary will be screened on Saturday May 27th at 7pm at the Plaza Theatre. It explores lesbian women whose sexuality isn’t accepted because of the way they look. Because of their feminine appearance many lesbian women are considered less "authentic" by some individuals. 


Bound is a 90’s movie about two women who meet in an elevator and plan a scheme for Violet to escape her gangster boyfriend, and also steal money from the mob. Their passionate love affair leads to them risking the plan and their lives. The screening will be on Saturday May 20th at 9 pm at The Plaza Theatre, and promises to be a thrilling night. 18+ event


Screening on Friday May 26th at 7pm in the Plaza Theatre, this documentary focuses on gay men and their relationships with drugs in London. This film captures the agony of these men who find themselves alone in an already unwelcoming world, and how drugs give them confidence to go out and have sex without care. This film also shows the aftermath of this party life and how a health care professional is trying to help. 18+ event

To check out all the other great events happening at the festival check out their website: http://www.fairytalesfilmfest.com