5 escapist TV shows for when you can't handle the world

After listening to the latest episode of Bitch Media’s podcast, BackTalk, I was inspired to talk about “escapist TV” for those days when you literally can’t even. Television is one of those things that you can get lost in, and binge watching episodes of my favourite dramedy on Netflix definitely helps me when I don’t want to deal with life.

Sometimes getting lost in a show is easier than replying to those emails you’ve been procrastinating, or catching up on the news and realizing what an absurd period of time we live in. Instead, find yourself delving into the world of television, where fake stories and decent acting can help you feel a little better for a while. These shows will in no way give you a new look on political issues or even have relatable characters (Rich white people? Vampires? A really weird take on Archie comics?), but they will allow you to remove yourself from those things for a little while.

Here’s five of my favourite shows that never fail to take me away from my life for a few hours.

1. Pretty Little Liars

This series is coming to an end, airing it’s final episodes. It follows four “liars” through high school, and then five years after they graduated, who receive threats from a mysterious individual who identifies as “A” or “A.D”. The stranger knows all of their secrets, and begins threatening them and leading them into even more terrifying situations that invoke more secrets to be kept. The final season is revealing the identity of their torturer, so binge the series and catch up for the final episodes!

2. The Office (U.S.)

When I say I have watched this series ten times, I am not joking. It’s re-watch value is beyond any other show in existence. The show is one of the original mockumentary style shows, portraying a fictional office that is being filmed by a documentary crew. The comedy is about the antics that ensue in the day to day life of the workers, with scenes of romance and introspection scattered in. The show will make you laugh, then cry, then re-watch so you can do it all over again.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Possibly one of the most iconic shows that came out of the late 90’s, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is heralded as a series that portrays the power of women, but besides that obvious benefit, it’s story line is perfect for escapist television. Centering around Buffy Summers, known as “The Slayer”, the show is all vampire and monster slaying. With the help of her friends Xander, Willow, and her “Watcher” Giles, the group works through various big bad guys each season. The show doesn’t just provide some sci-fi distractions, but also deals with some pretty tough topics considering the time it came out.

4. The Mindy Project

After experience the amazing show that is The Office, it’s only natural to check out The Mindy Project as well. Mindy Kaling, known as Kelly Kapoor in The Office, was an executive producer for the show as well. This is her solo project, created, produced, and starring her. It’s a hilarious show centered around fictional Mindy Lahiri’s romantic life and her career as an obstetrician/gynecologist in New York City. It’s definitely a binge-worthy series that will let you escape from your day to day and indulge in someone else’s.

5. Riverdale

Netflix keeps producing original shows that are worth watching, one of them being Riverdale. If you’re familiar with the Archie or Betty and Veronica comics, you’ll enjoy seeing their characters portrayed in a live action show. If you’re not, you can still escape into the town of Riverdale where Jason Blossom has been murdered and his killer is still to be discovered. Much like Pretty Little Liars, getting lost in the drama of fictional lives is a great way to think about something else for a while. With ten hour long episodes on Netflix, you have plenty to binge before the next episode comes out.