Don't get your knickers in a knot

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We’re all busy and important people. Whether you’re grinding it out in school, out in the workforce, caring for your children, or all the above, you’re busy! When life has you on your toes and you can’t find a minute for yourself it’s easy to let some of the simple pleasures in life slip. Having a fresh, comfy, and cute pair of panties to throw on in the morning can change your day from drab to fab. The Canada based company, Knotty Knickers is here to help you with just that.

Knotty Knickers offers a monthly or bi-monthly panty subscription service. If you can get your pizza delivered to your door, why shouldn’t you get your panties delivered too?

The Knotty Knickers website is user friendly and their customer service agents are very helpful. When choosing which package you would like to subscribe to you have the choice of receiving a package once a month or bi-weekly. From there you will pick your size. They have a size range from XS-XL that is true to fit. You then decide how many panties you would like to receive in each box. You can choose from 1, 2, or 3.

Now the fun part. You get to choose just how cheeky you want your box. Choose the naughty box for a collection of G-strings and thongs. Choose the nice box for hipsters and bikini styles. If you’re a mix of naughty and nice choose the mixed box where you will receive a mixture of all kinds of panties.

Knotty Knickers was kind enough to send us three pairs of their panties. The panties come packaged in cute little envelopes. Inside each envelope comes a pair of panties. We received a classic black thong with lace details around the edges. In the second envelope came a pretty pink pair of hipster panties with a gorgeous lace back. The third pair, my favourite, was a sexy bright blue lace thong. 

All three panties are extremely comfortable to wear, and they look amazing. The detail and care that went into making the panties makes you feel luxurious when they’re on.

A monthly subscription to Knotty Knickers starts at $3.99 or get the bi-monthly subscription for a starting price of $3.99/2 months.  

When you’re having a long week, or life has just been throwing you one too many curve balls lately, making yourself feel good can make all the difference. Taking care of yourself should always be a priority. Whether you feel best after a cup of tea, reading a book, working out, or after putting on a new pair of panties that make you feel beautiful, you need to do that! Time is precious and you don’t always have a lot of it, that’s why services like Knotty Knickers are important to take advantage of. No matter how busy you are, you deserve to treat yourself every once in a while.  

Don’t worry about venturing out to the mall to rifle through bins of panties. Relax and let them come to you. So throw out those baggy old pair of panties you’ve had for longer than you’d care to admit and treat yourself and your bottom to some luxury panties. If anyone deserves it, it’s you!