CJSW celebrates “We Make Radio” book launch

If the staff of Vamp were to choose our favourite part of running this website, it would be the sense of community we have gained. Looking back a few months, it’s safe to say we knew little to nobody in the Calgary arts community.

Now, approaching the end of summer break, our network has grown exponentially. In just a few short months, we’ve met people who work in all areas of the community, at other media outlets, fellow journalists, festival staff, and many more. So you can imagine the network that a radio station can build when it’s existed in a community for over 30 years.

The University of Calgary’s CJSW has been around for exactly that long, and it’s the topic of “We Make Radio”, a book compiled by Kendra Scanlon. The book touches on the diverse history of the station, with topics ranging anywhere from minorities in radio to what CJSW means to a community of listeners.

More than anything, the book is about building a community around music, arts, local culture and all that CJSW covers. When Vamp was interviewed earlier this summer, we knew as soon as we walked through the doors that we had met some amazing people – and we are so proud to become a part of their story. 

“It’s packed in here!” Was something frequently overheard at their book launch party last night. There’s no wonder, because after 30 years, they’re bound to know almost everyone who supports the station.

The first line of the book reads, “I likely don’t need to tell you this, but CJSW is an amazing place” and everyone at the station last night would agree they didn’t need to be told that, because it’s something each person has had the pleasure of experiencing. Here’s to 30 more years!