Thoughts on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and why I’m still not over Angel

It started about a week ago. My sister found Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix, and soon it became the backdrop to most of our meals and procrastination of life’s responsibilities.

I tried not to get sucked back. I really did try.

But from the dining room table I could see half the TV. I peered over my laptop and with a sharp intake of breath and nostalgia, I saw him…brooding in a white V-neck and black blazer-thing, leaning against the bar at the Bronze, watching Buffy figure her 15-year-old shit out.

God damn it Angel. You get me every time.

And admit it, most of us have a vampire crush. Whether you’re into weird, sparkly Edward or Brad Pitt in his vampire prime. Maybe even Tom Cruise before he found Scientology?

Or maybe you’re into the whole Vampire Diaries scene and have x-rated thoughts about Damon? I personally find Ian Somerhalder’s cheekbones off-putting but hey, to each their own.

And I can’t leave out the Bill Compton fans. Dude was a little dad-like for me, but True Blood was a sexy show all around.

I don’t know if I can put my finger on exactly why, but I’d say there are three main reasons that Angel will always be my vampire bae.

  1. He hardly talks. He says it all with this eyes, amiright? But it wouldn’t matter if he didn’t because really, it’s his long, passionate gazes at Buffy that get me. Combined of course with ambiguous warnings about the newest realm master or vamp gang hitting up Sunnydale and the so few, but precious hints at his dirty past as a soul-less vampire. Swoon.
  2. His outfits. Understated yet powerful. You just know that dude is like 6’2 and has a solid build, but he shows it off modestly. Cause when you’re pushing 300-years-old, you know how to be sexy without trying.
  3.  His bad boy turned good thing. Let’s just get real here for a sec: killing people is never cool. But when you’re a super evil vampire turned against your will in 1753 by the most savage vamp to date (Darla) you will end up eating a lot of people. But what really gets me is this whole, ‘getting a soul as punishment’ thing. Once Angel has a soul he becomes this deeply tortured, unsettlingly empathetic man with the face of, well, a goddamn angel.

But I should mention a few of my other favourite Buffy-isms here:

Cordelia is possibly the worst and best person in Sunnydale.

Drew is an adorably unhinged, impossibly evil, sickly little vamp who I wish got more air-time.

And of course Buffy, who is the most boss 16-year-old to grace 90s television programming.

From her knee high suede boots, baby tanks, chokers, piece-y blonde bangs and of course, her leather jackets (especially from her time of resentment towards the burden of slayer life) Buffy is just plain boss.

She loses her virginity to the sexiest vampire of all time, and he immediately gets reverted to his original douchebag setting. I mean literally, the spell giving him a conscious is gone the day after they bone.

Can you say relatable? Like damn, Buffy, we’ve all been there.

Then there’s her whole obsession with shopping. This I not only get on a deeply personal level as does my postal service person (they’re gifts! I swear!) But also, hallelujah! Thank you for not sticking women into the bull shit ‘girly girl’ or ‘cool tough girl’ thing.

Buffy is boss and kicks everyone’s ass literally all the time, but that girl also likes to buy shoes. Thank you Buffy creators, for acknowledging, in 1997 (nearly 20 years ago) that women are not the archetypes that society would have us think.  

I was only a child in 1997 so I’m not sure how woke mainstream TV was, but this feels like it was probably kind of progressive for the time. We didn’t get Legally Blonde for another 5 years.)

Not to say that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was always the most woke show, but it was the 90s and they were trying, right?