Broken City celebrates 12th anniversary

Local pub and music venue Broken City hosted its 12th anniversary party Thursday with Crims & Flow, Marlaena Moore, and Colleen Green.

It might come as a surprise to some, as several other local venues have recently closed their doors, including Good Luck Bar and The Drum & Monkey and Bamboo Lounge. But Broken City is alive and well.

“Broken City is an independent venue meaning this is our money involved in it. For places to be shutting, which is a total shame, you know, I used to live at the Drum & Monkey, I love that place.” Charlie, an employee at Broken City for seven years, explains. “It’s relevant because it shows the arts community is still a viable operation. We’ve supported them through 12 years of business and in turn when things are slow they continue to support us.”

Founded in 2004, Broken City has become a hub for the local music and culture scene, hosting comedy, pub trivia, live music, DJ sets and karaoke. Calgary’s vibrant culture seems to be captured in one venue, and they’ve become a home to many like minded people.

“So many things have changed in 12 years, just to see bands come and go, different trends, different food trends, the economy going down the tank twice in the past 7 years, its been a definite eye opener and for us to grow along with them is, you know, this is our lives now. It’s pretty awesome.” Charlie says.

It’s not often I walk into a place knowing that I’ll see someone I know. In a city of over 1 million people, it’s a rare feeling. Even on a Thursday night, the room eventually filled with people and I saw a few familiar faces. That’s exactly what Broken City has grown into - a home to the arts community in Calgary.

“Broken City has definitely become a family place. There’s just a sense of family and when we started that’s exactly what we wanted the end game to be with Broken.” Charlie adds.