A Valentine’s day guide for people that hate Valentine’s day

Let’s get one thing straight. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or in a relationship, Valentine’s day is a shitty, capitalist, excuse for a holiday. The only good about that day is that it’s Music editor Amber McLinden’s birthday (so go buy her something nice). Other than that, who needs it? If you’re in a relationship, hopefully you tell your significant other you love them all the time and you don’t need a certain day to do something special. If you do, shape up. This list is really for everyone, because everyone can be mad at this basically fake day. If you’re bored in Calgary and looking for something to do, consider the following:

YYC Hot Chocolate Festival: With the hot chocolate festival you can hang out at your favourite coffee shops (almost 80 restaurants and coffee shops are participating) and a portion of the proceeds go to Calgary Meals on Wheels.

YYC Girl Gang Galentine’s Market: The weekend before Valentine’s day why not shop local with the YYC Girl Gang’s Galentine’s Market? You can pick up a last minute gift or treat yourself!

Big rock Brewga: Yoga & Beer: Another great option for couples or singles. You can get your workout in followed by Big Rock brewery samples.

Jab Cross Hook Up: It’s Date Night and UNDRCARD paired up to offer a singles only day of boxing classes. You can get your sweat on in more than one way. 😉

There’s also the tried and true way to spend the day: at home with pizza and Netflix. Either way, get through the day and then prep for the real holiday. February 15th when all the candy goes on sale.