A letter to my long distance best friend

730 pages. That’s how many pages I would need to tell you how much you mean to me. That’s two pages for everyday of the year. Because every single day you do something that reminds me how lucky I am to call you my best friend. And let's be honest, I talk a lot, so one page a day would not be enough. But for the sake of this letter and because no one has time to read 730 pages I’ll make this short.

You and me, we're something special. When I read BuzzFeed articles online about best friends and relate to them, I get frustrated because I realize that other people share similar connections. I think that something this special has to be unique; no one else has a connection like you and I. But I guess others do. Yet, I still refuse to admit that we’re not special. Because I swear, what we have is one of a kind.

Recently life hasn’t really been on our side. Somehow, we got separated, each living in two different cities. If I had it my way we’d be sharing a one bedroom apartment with bunkbeds and binge watching Netflix together every night. We would venture out for midnight snack runs, find a local bar and make it our spot. If I had it my way I wouldn’t have to write you this letter to you because you would be here in person for me to tell you these things every day.

But that’s life. We no longer live down the back alley from each other. We can no longer bike over to each other’s houses and spend the day gossiping, eating, painting our nails, and inviting ourselves to stay for dinner. We have to grow up. Every year we get older our lives get busier, but every year I also realize more and more how grateful I am to call you my best friend.

I swear we must be FaceTime’s most frequent users. Even though you’re not here with me I can still tell you every mundane detail of my day and you are interested, or you're at least really good at pretending you’re interested. You know what’s best for me and you don’t worry about giving me tough love. You tell me not to text him back, but you know I will. I make mistake after mistake and you still love me. You’re that voice I hear on the phone and automatically cry after having a bad day. I love that I can call you and it doesn’t even ring one time before you pick up. I love that I open a text from you in the middle of the day and it’s just you saying, “I love you.” How did I get so lucky to get you?

I hope that you know that everything you do for me I’d do for you. I will be here for you on your worst days, your best days, and even the days you piss me off. If you were to kill someone and call me to help you hide the body all I’d say is “hey bud, guess what? I already got the shovel.” Please don’t kill anyone though, because this is hard evidence that I helped cover it up. Plus, you know that neither of us are smart enough to get away with it.

Man, I love you. Every inside joke, every quirky habit, every road trip we take while singing the full ABBA album, every time we encourage each other to treat ourselves, every text message, snapchat, Instagram picture, meme tag, all of it. I’m so thankful for all of it.

Maybe life hasn’t been going our way recently because it played a cruel trick by separating us. But it the grand scheme of our lives, we’ve got it pretty good. Life gave me you and I can’t thank it enough for that gift.