The day to see through rose coloured glasses

For centuries people, have gathered on February 14th at festivals and parties to celebrate Saint Valentine. The tale behind this Saint is one of mystery. Mysterious men like this can be alluring. If you’ve been talking to a guy on Tinder for weeks and still can’t find him on social media, you might be starting to question if it’s actually a 45-year-old man trying to catfish you… So mysterious, so sexy. However, the Catholic Church didn’t find it so hot and gave Saint Valentine the boot faster than I can cook my Lean Cuisine microwave dinner for one. This is where the hopeless romantics stepped in and decided that the Saint of love was worthy of celebrating. So here we are hundreds of years later, still buying chocolates and sending flowers on February 14th.

This day of love can stir up a lot of mixed feelings. If you were to open your Instagram today, you would see a variety of posts. Couples sharing their love with the hashtags #foreverandever and #solucky, or single people posting selfies with a clever and original caption like, “cash me at Shoppers tomorrow buying all the 50% off chocolate, how bow dah.” This is the day single people decide they’ll stop using Tinder for “recreational” use and actually look for love. It is also the day you may realize how different you and your significant other are when you show up with gifts and handwritten love letters and they show up with a half-eaten 6-piece chicken nugget meal from McDonalds. Today’s a tricky day, but for me it’s a favorite.

Some of you may be assuming I have a super sweet boyfriend who surprised me with breakfast in bed and flowers before class, but let me tell you, I had leftover pizza for breakfast and I can’t remember the last time I smelled a flower. I am very single, but that doesn’t mean I should hate the day. I think that love is a wonderful thing that some may not have experienced it yet, some may have caught a glimpse, and some may have it right now. But whatever your relationship may be with love, I think that it’s something worth celebrating. To be in love with someone is something special, but to see so much love around you is also special. 

So today, no matter if you’re in a relationship or single try and look at today through rose colored glasses. Don’t dwell on the fact that you don’t have a romantic date tonight. Text or call your friends, your mom, and your grandma, and tell them that you love them. Go watch Fifty Shades of Darker and then vow to never settle down until you find your own Christian Grey. Today doesn’t just have to be about couples, today is about love. If you’re lucky enough to have any form of love in your life, that’s something worth celebrating.

Enjoy the most romantic day of the year, celebrate your love for the people in your life and for yourself. Spend today being happy and seeing the good in it. If you’re still bitter get into bed watch some romantic movies, have a cry, order pizza, and be thankful you don’t need to share with anyone. And if there are any guys out there wanting to send me flowers but don’t know my address, just dm me.


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