My birthday is Valentine's day

Honestly, I’m not sure how relatable this will be, but, my birthday is on Valentine’s day. I’ve known some people who share this burden, but if you’re birthday is on or even close to a recognized holiday, I’m sure you can feel my pain even just a little bit.

Valentine’s Day has never really meant anything to me. If I’m telling the truth, I think the holiday is a cheap capitalist gimmick to sell people cards. If you can’t say “I love you” or “I care about you” on a regular basis to your significant other any other day, maybe you need to reflect on your relationship.

It can be hard to understand the experience of a Valentine’s birthday. But if you’ve received only heart shaped items on your birthday for 21 years, it may be clear to you. Hey, Walmart brand heart-shaped chocolate is an appropriate gift for a birthday, right?

I haven’t, until recently, been in a relationship for my birthday. For 20 years I had the pleasure spending my birthday realizing that I was not with anyone, subsequently leading to an emotional confrontation with myself, evaluating where my life was headed.

But you know, there are a few good things that come from being a Valentine’s baby. Take, for example, my great-aunt who always sends 20 dollars and a card every birthday. I recall one birthday when I received a card from her that said, “Happy Birthday… and Valentine’s Day too!”

In previous years, when friends were in relationships, I got to guilt them into spending at least part of the day with me. This was on the basis that it was my birthday, so I wasn’t always alone on Valentine’s Day.

While I talk a lot of crap about it, I do enjoy the idea of spending a day with your significant other just because you like them so much. Now that I am in a relationship, it’s fun to think that day is also my birthday (how to make it all about me 101).

It doesn’t hurt that the day is all about love and affection, so I feel extra special when I do get Valentine’s Day cards and gifts on my birthday. This reminds me of how loved I am, which definitely isn’t a bad feeling.

I might have mixed feelings about my birthday/Valentine’s Day, but in the end I have to live with it. So yes, I should be all my friend’s Valentine’s and yes, instead of Valentine’s Day it should just be renamed to Amber’s Birthday.

I’m still upset about the Love Actually knockoff movie Valentine’s Day, though. How dare they make such a terrible movie about the day of my birth.