Reasons why I'm single

Falling in love is magical. Really, the feeling is something straight out of a fairy tale. Who doesn’t like when you hear that special person’s name or the seconds before you’re about to see them and your stomach starts filling with butterflies? Your heart begins to race, your body tingles, and you start to blush. It’s a wonderful feeling, being in love. So after I ended things with the fourth great guy I met in the last few months and realized that I just don’t want to be in love right now. I started to wonder what the hell was wrong with me. Why was I doing everything I could to avoid love? After many wine Wednesdays with my friends and sleepless nights focusing on myself I have accepted the fact that I am in love with being single.

I’m throwing convention out the door

The topic of every blockbuster movie and every hit song is love. Relationships seem to be everyone’s focus. There is a popular belief that every single girl is constantly on the lookout for her next potential great love, but that’s not the case. When I realized this was not what I wanted, I was confused because I was giving up what so many girls want. But instead of worrying about the thought of dating, I decided that I was going to do what felt right. If that means staying in bed binge watching Grey’s Anatomy instead of participating in date night, so be it.

I’m figuring out my passion

I have been really struggling with finding my passion for a while. What do I love to do? I tried a wide array of ridiculous activities trying to learn more about myself. I have found out that racket sports and I don’t mix. I’m sure I have set a world record for how many times you can set your fire alarm off when I went through a cooking phase, and have probably made Vincent Van Gogh roll over in his grave from my disgraceful artistic skills. But by doing all of this I have learned so much about myself. I am taking time learning how to fail and learning how to get back up on my feet by myself.

I’m falling in love

I’m falling in love with myself and my life. I am being completely selfish, putting my needs and wants before anyone else’s. I wake up on the weekends, put my favourite song on repeat for however long I want, I stay in my underwear all day, singing at the top of my lungs. I am living off popcorn and coffee and no one can stop me. I spend time writing these articles and reflecting on my life and every time I do so I realize how incredibly blessed I am. Every time falling in love a little more with myself. My family always jokes that I am a narcissist for loving myself this much, but if I don’t then who will? I’m putting myself first because this is the time to do it.

Because it’s exciting

This may be one of the biggest reasons I love being single. The unknown of what could happen next. There is no limit on my daydreams. If I want to move across the world and live on a beach the only person stopping me is me. If I want to dropped out of journalism school and become an astronaut I can do so (well, probably not because I almost failed grade 12 math, but you get the point). Being in control of your life and the direction it is going is exhilarating.

The feeling I described earlier, the feeling of falling in love is not foreign to me just because I’m single. I get butterflies, a racing heart, tingles, and blushing cheeks just thinking about my life. I am enough right now; I don’t need a significant other to feel complete. There are so many other layers to me than just my relationship status. So even if my most reliable relationship is with my pizza delivery guy right now, I’m not too worried about it. Taking time to focus on my relationship with myself, my family, and my friends is all the fulfilment I’m looking for.

Now let’s hope none of my Tinder matches read this and realize I’m just using them for the Instagram followers.