Mulled Red Wine Cider

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. This calls for big cozy sweaters, fireplaces, festive décor, warm drinks and good eats accompanied by friends & family.

If you want to indulge in the smell and taste of fall then you have got to try this Mulled Red Wine Cider.

The ingredients you will need are:

  •      1 cup of any type of dry red wine
  •      4 cups of Unsweetened apple juice
  •      1 ½ tbsp. of Gourmet duVillage mulling spices (Personal Favorite!) (any kind of mulling spices will work though)
  •      3 tbsp Aspen Mulling Cider Spice (Another Personal Favourite)

To make this delicious drink follow these easy steps:

  •      Put all ingredients into pot on medium heat and stir until  cider spices are dissolved
  •      Let simmer for a half hour on medium to low heat
  •      Strain and serve 

This recipe serves 5 to 7 mugs.

If you are serving the cider at a party, you can keep it simmering on medium to low heat in a crock pot. This will also leave your venue smelling festive!

This recipe can also be kid friendly by totally discarding the red wine and just using apple juice, or if there are more adults at the party you can replace the 1 cup of wine for the apple juice and the 4 cups of apple juice for wine!

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