Pumpkin spice and everything nice

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkin spice lattes have made their return and preteen girls everywhere have started dusting off their UGG boots for yet another autumn season. Unfortunately for those of us in Calgary, as the autumnal winds begin to blow, there is an ever present promise of the first snow lurking in the shadows of every tomorrow. Our week of autumn is always short lived – so it is important to make the most of it.

The first, and arguably most important part of autumn, is crunching as many leaves under your feet as possible. It’s funny how beautiful we find death and change when it comes in the form of orange and red leaves – the way some of us wait all year to smell the rotting leaves and go out of our way to step on them just to hear the crunch of their brittle bodies under our feet. Maybe the crunch we hear is actually their final scream as they beg for mercy. It sounds quite aggressive, but it’s actually extremely satisfying.

The next step to fully embracing the season, is to wear as many thick knit sweaters and scarfs as you can at once while still remaining stylish. Autumn in Calgary can get cold – so layering up and embracing the marshmallow look to it’s fullest, is a must.

Photo by: Robyn Welsh

Photo by: Robyn Welsh

Mass consumption of pumpkin is probably the most important factor to making this fall season the best yet. Try store bought and homemade pumpkin loaves, muffins, cupcakes, and any other baking you can get your hands on. Better yet – break free of the boring baking trend, and start cooking with pumpkin flavours. Try pumpkin soup, curry, or even a good ol’ pumpkin and jelly. If you’re feeling super adventurous, you could go as far as to try a pumpkin gut sandwich! While you’re at it, add pumpkin flavouring to your water. It may be a bit grainy, but nothing says autumn like pumpkin spice.

Lastly, make sure to post as many photos of leaves as you can during the week of autumn. People on social media need to know that you are experiencing it to the fullest and that they aren’t imagining the leaves on the ground. Besides, what better way to make a friend than bonding over each others photos of perfectly placed pumpkin spice lattes in the middle of giant piles of leaves?

Even if fall isn’t your favourite season, try to embrace it. From the pumpkin themed baking to actual pumpkins popping up everywhere as trendy decor items, there is no escaping, so bare with that influx of orange and try to survive until winter. It’ll only be a couple of days until the roads are so bad that there is no hope of ever being anywhere on time anyways!