Beat it with the beets

I’m going to need you to visualize something for me. I want you to imagine yourself in a dimly lit restaurant, with white linen draping over the table and a tea light flickering in front of you. You’re in a rounded booth, one where you and your lover are able to sit side by side. You throw your head back in laughter at something they whispered in your ear, it really wasn’t even funny but you wouldn’t let them know that. The night is going well, maybe it’s a 2nd date or your 2nd anniversary. Whatever the occasion, it has been special. In that moment normal thoughts may be running through your head; such as, “are they going to come back to my place after this? Am I going to have to get undressed in front of them? I shouldn’t have worn these god damn Spanx. Oh my god did I shave my armpits?!” but all these thoughts come to an abrupt halt. Your worried mind quiets and the lover sitting to your right seems to fade away, all you can see is it. Dark, rich, and steaming hot, right at your fingertips. Your willpower has seemed to have left the building. The chocolate god has been on your mind since the moment you noticed it when you walked into the restaurant. The chocolate lava cake you ordered earlier has finally arrived. You grab your spoon, gently poking the delicate dessert in the center and pulling back, a warm oozing river of chocolate escapes onto the plate mingling with the whipped cream and raspberry puree. You are unable to hear your partner ramble on about how good it looks because you know that something so beautiful doesn’t have to be reassured of its greatness, the look on your face after the first long anticipated bite says enough.

Ok you can come back to me now, I hope your heart raced as fast as mine did as I wrote that riveting paragraph on chocolate lava cake. I know that may have been slightly over the top, but in the name of delicious food it was necessary.

I’ve been noticing something very disturbing in my friend group as we have been getting older. Everyone is crazy about kale, avocados, quinoa and green smoothies! I’ve been struggling with this. Taking care of your body and what you put in it is very important. Just while writing this I said no to a double fudge brownie because I already had 4 and 3 was supposed to be my tap out number. But can we all stop pretending that kale actually tastes good and that baked potato chips are better than the original because they aren’t!! It’s just a fact, they’re not.

With my metabolism slowing down I know my diet of Ichiban, Chef Boyardee, McDonalds and doughnuts is just not a smart game plan and that I should probably mix in a salad every so often, but I am weak. I am weak when I go to the grocery store, I am weak when I go out for dinner, and I am definitely weak when I am laying in bed at night ordering Pizza73. The fact of the matter is that there are just too many delicious foods that I need to eat.

I find great joy in eating, I eat for comfort and happiness. So when I am choosing what I want to enjoy at that moment I don’t want a salad filled with beets and chickpeas, I want a juicy steak with garlic mashed potatoes and some asparagus to add some green, but honestly I could go without them.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not eating fast food for every meal, I know my eating habits are polar opposites of those of a marathoner or top model, but I am happy. I do try to have some balance so that I can enjoy all my favorite foods without feeling completely guilty. Balance is key, as with everything in life. Don’t pass up your favorite dessert next time because it has one too many calories, but also remember some vegetables every once in awhile wouldn’t hurt.

My point is, eating healthy is difficult. The fitness pages you find on social media that boast pictures of smoothie bowls, egg white breakfasts and fresh pressed juices are not #DietGoals. I am going to eat what I want and I won’t feel ashamed when I’m in line at the grocery store behind a girl who is unloading her completely organic, gluten-free basket. Okay, I might feel a little ashamed with my oven pizza and Oreos, but the feeling will fade because I know I will damn well enjoy those Oreos.

Bon appétit my friends, I hope wherever you are and whatever you’re eating, you are eating happy!