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Having potted and planted succulents as a feature in your yard, house, or deck has become a huge trend the past three summers. And who doesn’t want these trendy plants to admire at every place you tend to kick back and relax at in your home?

Here are a few tips to get your succulents big and beautiful:

They like LOTS of sun and little water. Succulents originate from dry desert locations so find a place for yours that is sunny and hot for most parts of the day. In the perfect setting your succulents will flourish and you will notice them growing a little bit each day!

Only water your succulents once a week. When watering, try to sprinkle the water right at the base of the plant – don’t drench the surrounding dirt, just water each plant individually. Their thick rubbery leaves store water so that they can sit and bake in the sun. It is a good idea to bring your succulents inside or undercover when it rains. Too much moisture will make the plant rot.

Pick a pot that has drainage; create your own if your pot is lacking. You can do this by filling the bottom of the pot with gravel or cutting up a pool noodle into little chunks (lighter form).

To get the rock look like the picture above  you will need any type of smaller rock and landscaping fabric (available at any garden center or greenhouse). The landscaping fabric goes on top of the dirt and around the succulents so that when you water, the rocks stay on top of the dirt. To put the landscaping fabric around the succulents, cut a circle in the fabric the size of the pot and then cut a straight line from the outside edge – in to where the succulent is planted. This will wrap the fabric around the succulent. Poor the rocks on top of the fabric and Viola!

Follow these simple steps and watch your home transform into a trendy ad out of House and Home magazine!