Dissecting double standards

It is such an amazing feeling to be ridiculed and shamed for my natural body hair. I feel empowered knowing that when I walk down the street with shorts and hairy legs, people will stare at me disgusted. Or when I hail a taxi wearing a sleeveless shirt and let my armpit hair flow in the wind, people compliment me on how gross I look. It gives me so much confidence to see a man walking down the street wearing a tank top, with chest hairs poking out the neckline and a bush of long armpit hair clearly visible, only to be accepted and not given a second glance. I mean, when a girl doesn’t shave her armpits it is clearly unhygienic. Only a guy could know how keep themselves smelling fresh, right?

Another thing that fascinates me is how mainstream media continually shames men for letting their nipples roam free. Shouldn’t men also cover up? After all, women are bashed for breastfeeding in public. If women have learned to protect the eyes of the masses from the completely natural and motherly process of sustaining human life, men have no reason not to cover up.

After being consistently told that makeup makes a woman look fake, going au-natural and is a choice many women make. Once this choice is made, people never fail to point out how tired you look or ask if you are sick. It is refreshing to see that people care so much about your health, hey?

Don’t you just love it when magazines write articles like “How to Make Your Man Happy,” or “Trends Guys Hate?” I just love listening to heteronormative magazines about how to make my male spouse happy instead of communicating with them and making my clothing choices to fit the ideal male gaze! God forbid that if women didn’t have these kinds of articles, we would dress how we want and have sex to make ourselves feel good. What a concept!

Have you ever noticed the super cool labels that are slapped onto women who enjoy their sexuality? Words like slut, loose, easy, whore, tramp and many more are shouted across continents. Just to make sure that a woman will never forget about all the men she has slept with, and try to make sure that she will not feel confident about it. Men are also riddled with labels such as stud, player, hunk, ladies man and even better – lady killer. It’s almost as if society makes him feel bad about sleeping with a lot of women, because clearly having sex with numerous women is synonymous with slaying them.

Overall, I totally love living in a society in which double standards instill so much confidence and body positivity towards women. Telling women that body hair and nipples and bare faces should not be seen sure does make the world feel like an accepting and equal place, don’t you think?