Learning to be "zen as fuck" through a unique yoga practice

Have you ever been to a yoga class and felt like it was too stressful for what you thought was going to be a relaxing experience? Perhaps the class was just too quiet or it was too structured and you couldn’t have fun. Or the idea of going to a yoga class scares you because you feel like the environment just isn’t for you?

That was how Rage Yoga instructor Lindsay Istace felt before she started her own practice. She felt like she “didn’t really fit into” traditional yoga practices and noticed that the serious instructors and required etiquette were making her experience more difficult. Istace wanted a yoga class where she could be free to laugh, yell and work at her own pace but she couldn’t find what she was looking for in a traditional studio environment. She became inspired to develop her own unique practice and share it with others.

Istace recently started holding rage yoga classes at Dickens Pub. Her classes are beginner friendly and are meant to remove the stress that regular yoga classes can put on those who are just starting out. Each class starts out similarly to what you find in most other yoga classes, except you can drink beer at the same time. Istace only asks that you “practice mindfulness for your drink.” Istace leads the class by inviting everyone to set an intention. “Your intention could be anything, it could be to get a bit more flexible, or even just to justify getting a pint after your workout, I don’t give a fuck, I’m not you mom” says Istace.

Istace has a background in contortion and leads her class in Vinyasa yoga at slower pace. She really wants people who have never tried yoga before or feel anxious at the idea of a traditional yoga studio to feel comfortable. At the end of each class they forgo the namaste and instead they end each class by “flipping each other off with so much love” and a giving a big “fuck yeah!”

Drop in classes are $12 with mat rentals available for $2 and are offered every Monday and Wednesday from 5:30 – 6:30 at Dickens Pub 1000 9 Ave SW.