For the person who loves too much

This is for the people who love too much. For the people who fall in love everyday, for the people who give everything they have, and for the people who dream too much. You’re special people. Despite the let down and heartbreak you have undoubtedly felt throughout your life, you continue to love. There’s nothing wrong with loving too much, and sometimes people need to be reminded of that.

This is for the person who falls in love everyday…

When you walk past that person in the frozen food aisle of the grocery store debating between the pepperoni pizza or the Hawaiian, you can’t help but get butterflies when they look over their shoulder at you and smile. You turn the corner and blush before walking out of the store and getting into your car. A twinge of sadness comes over you as you drive away knowing you’ll never see them again. This happens again when you’re driving home from work. You’re stuck in traffic on the busy streets of downtown. As a guy in a navy suit with a brown leather briefcase crosses the cross walk he also crosses your mind. From the privacy of your driver seat you look longingly. You wonder what he does, and if he’s happy. You can picture yourself on his arm. You would look good together. As the light changes green and you move along so does the idea of the two of you. 

It’s not desperation that fuels this love filled brain of yours, it’s just who you are. You are in love with love. You are reminded of this when that cute guy holds the door of the elevator for you in your apartment building. With your arms overflowing with groceries, you blush as you step in and you ask him to press floor 18. As you stand in the elevator you wonder if this tension is one sided, or if he feels it too. When he chuckles and ask if the Eggos were on sale because you have three boxes, you lie and say yes. Too embarrassed to admit you’re just not a great cook and it’s a long weekend and don’t plan on leaving your apartment for 3 days and need sustenance. You reach the 18th floor faster than you would’ve liked, and you walk away. You fall in love with all of these people, but the idea of them goes as fast as they came. It’s ok to be like this, it brings a little excitement into your life. Just don’t let these flashes of love hurt too much when they’re gone.

For the person who gives too much…

It’s Thursday night around 2 am. You’ve already been asleep for a few hours, but when your phone rings you answer in a groggy voice. It’s him. He’s had one too many drinks and needs you to come pick him up. Despite having to be up in 4 hours, you get up and dress yourself. By 2:15 am you’re in your car driving down the empty streets. Most of the city is at home in bed, except for the boy that you just can’t say no to. You bring him to your place, and call in sick in the morning. It’s a Tuesday afternoon and you call him for a ride to the airport, but there’s no answer. You get a cab. Despite giving everything that you can to the people you care about, not everyone gives the same to you. When you are this way it can be hard to remember that maybe not everyone deserves the love and care that you’re willing to give.

For the person who dreams too much…

Growing up you probably laid in bed for countless hours dreaming of places and things you wanted to do. Falling in love with ideas, cities, and lifestyles. Perhaps it was the idea of you sitting at a little café in Paris, reading books full of poems, and eating croissants while sipping on wine. Or maybe you fell in love with the dream of you and a backpack travelling across South America together. Or was it the idea of you living in a downtown loft in New York City, commuting to your dream job after walking a French bulldog through central park in the morning? Maybe the idea of spending your Sunday afternoons people watching and meeting up with your girlfriends for lunch in the heart of Brooklyn always spoke to you. No matter what you dreamt, you fell in love with every idea that passed through your mind. As you got older these dreams may have started to cause more anxiety than a loving feeling. Knowing that you have just enough money in your bank account to pay this month’s rent and maybe treat yourself to something off the dollar menu at McDonald’s, the dreams of becoming a Parisian, backpacking through South America, or trying to make it in New York, seem very far away. You have created so many worlds inside your own head and can sometimes forget about the one you’re actually in. But you can find a way to love your little apartment and the life you’re currently living.

This is for the person who loves too much. For the person who gives a little too much, expecting that same love back, and the one who dreams too much. I don’t know what people call you. Possibly hopelessly romantic or something that makes you feel like the amount of love you have to give makes you weak. You’re anything but weak. To be able to offer something as precious as your love to multiple people, some with little significance in your life, makes you stronger than most. Putting your heart out there, only to get hurt and to do the same thing again and again makes you strong. Love makes the world go around; by loving so much you’re just doing your part.