Pinterest hacks: coconut oil

If you’re a Pinterest user, I can guarantee you’ve fallen into the Pinterest hole with no hope of getting out. As you lay in bed you probably scroll through the app pinning hundreds of pins that you will never look at again or ever attempt. Well I took on the task of sifting through some of those pins and actually sitting down and rubbing weird substances on my face, teeth, body, and putting things in my mouth that should never go in your mouth, based on the advice from some of these pins.

Coconut oil has been treated as a “miracle product” in the beauty industry for years. Jumping on the bandwagon I have put coconut oil to the test. The following 4 beauty hacks all involve coconut oil. These are the 4 easiest yet most effective DIY beauty hacks that I’ve come across and you hope you find them as helpful as I do!

Hair Mask

My coconut oil hair mask is what gets me through the week. Every Sunday night I lather my hair from my scalp to my ends in coconut oil, put it in braid and go to bed. In the morning when I wake and have a shower my hair is left feeling healthy and strong. I will warn you though, I feel like this hack makes my hair look so good that it is honestly distracting. I can’t sit by any windows that double as mirrors after this treatment because I won’t’ be able to stop looking at myself. Seriously, I’ve warned you.

Rub coconut oil throughout entire hair till covered
Put into braid or bun and let sit anywhere between 15 minutes to overnight
Wash out and style

Face Mask

This is the perfect hack for this time of year. With two simple ingredients; coconut oil and honey, you are prepared to make the perfect hydrating face mask. After mixing the two together, lather all over a clean face and leave for 15-20 minutes. Do this before a shower, because it does get messy, but when you wipe it off your skin will be left feeling plumped and hydrated. I like to do this in the morning as I find my makeup goes on and looks so much better after this simple mask! This recipe makes enough for at least two to three uses, so mix it in a container with a lid.

Mix 1 tbsp. honey and 1 tbsp. coconut oil
Lather all over face and neck
Leave for 15-20 minutes
Wipe off with warm cloth

Lip Scrub

With winter comes dry lips, it’s inevitable. This simple mixture of ingredients you will likely already have in your kitchen is the perfect weapon to arm yourself as we find ourselves in the colder months. Scrub this all over your dry lips and wipe away to find smooth healthy lips.

Mix together 1-part brown sugar, 1-part honey, and 1-part coconut oil
Scrub over lips
Let sit 5 minutes
Wipe away with warm cloth

Oil Pulling

This is not only known as a beauty hack, but also a health hack. People all over the world swear by oil pulling. Oil pulling is the simple process of putting a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth and swishing it around for 20 minutes. I will admit it is not the most enjoyable process, but the benefits are believed to be huge. It helps with whitening your teeth, curing hangovers, removing bacteria from your mouth, reduces migraines, and tons of other health benefits! I do this when I put my face mask or lip scrub on and kill two birds with one stone. After the 20 minutes do not spit the oil into your sink as it hardens after setting, spit into garbage.

Put 1-2 tsp into your mouth and chew and swish around for 20 minutes
Spit into garbage
Brush well