Self care after the election

By: Vamp Staff

We are hurting today and we know across Canada others are feeling equally helpless and at a loss for what to do. Later in the week you can expect commentary on the election but for today please just take care of yourself.

This is how we’re handling the day, hopefully this helps you too:

See your friends: while it might feel good to just to lie in bed today it’s important to know that you don’t have to go through this alone. Sometimes just talking to your friends over coffee can make you feel worlds better.

Be kind to others: show compassion for those around you and if you’re not hurting today reach out to those who are.

Turn off the TV and allow yourself to unplug: watching the news today might not be the best for your mental health and that’s okay.

Don’t get into online arguments: fighting with awful conservative trolls on twitter or facebook won’t make you feel better and it certainly won’t change their opinions. Logout of twitter for awhile and we promise you’ll feel better after you do.

Volunteer: pick an organization you care about and make plans to volunteer with them. It’s important to help others and try and combat the overwhelming negativity with positivity in your own communities.