5 #GIRLBOSS tips we can take from Hillary Clinton

Today, November 8th, marks the end of the extremely eventful United States election. Since I am not a US citizen, I do not have the opportunity to take part in the voting process; however, this election has sparked my interest in Hillary Clinton. I am not sure if Hillary Clinton will be a successful president, but I do know that she is an ultimate #GIRLBOSS. Even if she doesn’t come out of tonight victorious it is safe to say she has broken barrier after barrier and has paved the way for women. Here are 5 tips you can take away from #GIRLBOSS, Hillary Clinton.

  1. Always be prepared

Hillary never shows up to a debate or rally unprepared. As she put it, “Donald wanted me drug-tested before last night’s debate, and look, I gotta tell you, I am so flattered that Donald thought I used some sort of performance enhancer. Now actually, I did. It’s called preparation.”

  1. Learn from your failures

Like Hillary, we should learn to take our failures and stride with grace. Though she was not chosen as the Democratic nominee in 2008, she took pride in her position as Obama’s Secretary of State.

  1. Stand up for what you believe in

Clinton has taken action to inform people about the importance of feminism. She made waves and encouraged people to think about feminism at the 1995 United Nations Conference on women when she said, “It is no longer acceptable to discuss women’s rights as separate from human rights,” and she has stood behind that statement ever since.

  1. Know yourself 

Hillary isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself and stays true to herself. Here are some quotes we can learn from that Hillary said at the annual Al Smith Dinner:

“I understand I am not known for my sense of humor. That’s why it did take a village to write these jokes.”

“I’m not boring at all. In fact, I’m the life of every party I attend, and I’ve been to three.”

“I hope you enjoyed my remarks tonight. I said ‘no’ to some jokes that I thought were over the line, but I suppose you can judge for yourself on Wikileaks in the next few days.”

  1. Have a pantsuit

When you think Hillary you think pantsuit. To have made it this far in the presidential election it must be working, so go out and get yourself a pantsuit.