Watching the world burn

Can you remember a simpler time? A time when politicians campaigned based on policies, strategies and political values? And when we sort of actually trusted them?  

I know it’s hard to think past the onslaught of absolute bullshit that has been slung at us through our TVs and computers for the past 10 months, but if you really try, you might remember American elections where there wasn’t a sexual predator running for president.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump(Credit: Reuters/Brian Snyder/Photo montage by Salon)

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump(Credit: Reuters/Brian Snyder/Photo montage by Salon)

Ah, simpler, sweeter times. How naïve we were to think that unhinged Mormon candidate Mitt Romney was something to fear.

Alas, it takes a special kind of insanity to mess The United States up more than it already was.  

Yes, I know, I’m sorry to bring him up to you when you are likely accosted with more than enough images of the rotting orange on a daily basis. I know you just want your mind free of the visual assault for a few minutes, but we must address this because time is running out.

Trump is the human epitome of what is wrong with North America. He is poster boy for ignorance and privilege. If you took the fears of every old, white, bigoted, American man and channelled them into a walking Cheeto with stringy hair, you would have Mr. Trump.

These are the men metaphorically peering outside through a slit in the curtains and watching in terror as their country begins to ask for accountability.

These are the men biting their fingernails in sudden, unshakable fear as women gain the audacity to ask for paid maternity leave.

These are the men who will lose their money, power and privilege if the systems and institutions that paid for their pedestals start getting shaken down by the American people.

Yet what is perhaps most horrifying about Trump’s political success is that he has disguised bigotry and hate speech as political rhetoric. He’s given racists and misogynists the confidence to come forward with their foul beliefs while citing their first amendment rights or, in Canada, their freedom of expression and association.  

There are two days left. Yet by no means will the frenzy stop when this swirling whirl of political hell ends. In fact I fear that Trump (no matter how many actual brain cells he lacks) is the only person who can incite more wide spread violence. Though I doubt he had the mental capacity to do it entirely purposely, Trump has been steadily contributing to the United State’s racial and social tensions; reminding his supporters that they are losing ‘old’ America.

My dear, sweet Canadian friends, there is nothing we can do but watch from our Northern perch as the United States self-implodes in a cyclone of institutional racism, ingrained misogyny and historical oppression with an overgrown oompa loompa giving orders at the podium.

While we can’t vote, we also can’t stop political tension from leaking over the border, calling on us, as befuddled, shrugging Canadians, to start asking each other, what the fuck is happening here?

While we settle in to watch the unfolding of one of the biggest shit shows to hit the United States in years, we need to keep in mind that while Trump himself may be a joke, the election isn’t, and neither is the racism, sexism and bigotry boiling beneath it’s surface.

Don’t let the horror movie that is the American election divide and isolate us here in Canada. Let’s send empathy and positivity to Americans on Tuesday night, and envision a world that focuses on moving forward instead of years and years back.  


Editor: Kennedy Enns,