Gift giving 101: Gifts for her, from her

By: Kennedy Enns and Amber McLinden

Last week we did gift ideas for him, and since we’re already gendering gifts, we wanted to share some for her, from her. Yes, some of us are gay, and we want to give our gay readers ultra-specific gift ideas. Check out some of our favourite gifts below.

  1. Madewell Oversize Boyfriend Plaid Shirt, $115.97

If you want to show another woman you’re into her, nothing says “I’m gay for you” like an overpriced plaid shirt. Gift her a heavy dose of irony with this ‘boyfriend’ plaid shirt.

       2. Two tickets to Wrong For The Holidays!

Probably the only real gift you should consider on this list, Calgary’s Wrong Kind of Girls are putting on a holiday show this Saturday. Buy tickets now as an early gift and experience a queer feminist ukulele comedy take on the holiday season.

       3. Craft BeerAdvent Calendar, $150

Check out some of Canada’s best craft beers and grab one of these for your partner. They can be found at most chain liquor stores around Calgary so walk in and grab yours!

       4. Dr. Martens, $200

A real thing someone once said to me was “if she’s wearing Dr. Martens, she’s gay”, so now I’m projecting these stereotypes onto you! Honestly, I adore these shoes and want a pair. Buy some for your partner and buy some for yourself while you’re at it. Be a stereotype together!

       5. But I’m A Cheerleader on DVD, $9.99

I watched this for the first time because my girlfriend said, “you have to watch this, it’s super gay”. If that doesn’t convince you of it’s gay cred I don’t know what will (maybe that the entire thing is about lesbians).

        6. After P*ssy Mints, $3.99

Looking for stocking stuffers? Give this to your S/O for an incredibly inappropriate Christmas morning. Just make sure your grandma or homophobic uncle aren’t around, or else invite unsolicited comments about your sexuality!

         7. The Price of Salt and Carol on BluRay DVD, $30

A combo pack! First cry over how beautiful Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara are and then read the book that inspired the film that showed the world that Cate Blanchett can’t pronounce “Waterloo”.  

          8. Tegan and Sara Complete Discography, Priceless

Look me in the eyes, other gay women, and tell me you have never listened to Tegan and Sara. If the answer is no, are you really gay? I’m (mostly) kidding, but if you haven’t, it’s probably a good idea to educate yourself and your partner. Reach enlightenment. The theory goes gay women hear them singing as they ascend to heaven. And if you can’t afford the complete discography, how about just The Con?

         9. The Future is Female T-Shirt, $30 USD

I purchased this. Yes, it is 30 dollars USD, but after shipping, conversion into Canadian dollars, and emotional toll, I essentially paid $70 to let other women know I’m gay. Was it worth it?

Yes. Buy this gift for your S/O this season.